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Introducing the Digital Image Management (DIS) software package and web site - A new technology for image file management, archival, retrieval, and distribution! is the home of the DIS software package and web based tools. The services offered by this system are focused upon two different types of users within the blueprint and re-production industry.

Reproduction Houses
The system provides tools for reproduction houses, architects, general contractors and developers to organize all their digital images with a standard format, naming convention, directory structure, etc. 'Projects' of digital images, scans, PDF files, etc. may also be distributed to end users via the Internet or other digital medium. Finally, scan orders may be taken over the web and managed on-line along with customer history, status and project access. Read More...

Reproduction House Customers
The system provides the ability for reproduction house customers and sub-contractors to receive company and project information over the web or other digital medium. These customers may browse reproduction house projects, view contact lists and other company information, and order scans on-line. Read More...


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